Court Cancels Langdell Edge Trademarks


Tim Langdell has already protested, saying that the court’s decision was defective.

Remember Tim Langdell, he who claims rights to the word ‘Edge‘ – and also, for that matter, Cutting Edge, Gamer’s Edge, Edge (again) and The Edge – and who’s been embroiled in trademark disputes these past few years? Well, the court has finally weighed in on the matter, and all five trademarks are now void. Or, as the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has it, “the petition to cancel is granted, and Registration Nos. 2219837, 2251584, 3105816, 3381826 and 3559342 will be cancelled in due course.”

Ah, 2219837, you were taken from us too soon; and that’s pretty much Langdell’s feelings on the matter too. He’s already filed a letter of protest, describing the notice as “defective,” and in any event untimely. Langdell had two motions in the works to save his trademarks, and this court order effectively torpedoes both. The defective complaint has to do with wording, you’ll be unsurprised to hear. Langdell argues that the order misidentified the actual holder of the trademarks – it wasn’t Edge Games, he says, but The Edge Interactive Media Inc, with some of them jointly held by Future Publishing Ltd – and, as an extra sting in the tail, has asked that the attorneys acting for the petitioner be disbarred.

So, while Edge is now a free agent, this probably isn’t the last we’ll hear of Langdell’s trademarks. If you’re the sort that likes reading legal documents, by all means head over here for the full, sorry saga. Meanwhile Mobigame, one of those caught up in the Edge debacle – its colorful platformer Edge, now distributed by Two Tribes, fell foul of Langdell – is offering a 50% sale on its games until Monday, in celebration. Head over to Steam, the App store and Android for some savings. “We are so happy for all the victims of this trademark troll,” says David of Mobigame, “truth and justice finally won!”

Source: Eurogamer

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