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Cowboy Bebop Teaser ‘Lost Session’ Offers Frenetic Glimpse of the Series

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Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop is channeling some hardcore anime / comic vibes in its first teaser video. The streamer released the teaser, titled “Cowboy Bebop: The Lost Session,” which is more of a short adventure for our three bounty hunters. It’s a frantic, wild sequence that jumps locations and blurs the line between live action and animation, all while smashing the fourth wall with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World flair. Sadly, the adorable corgi Ein doesn’t make an appearance, but you can see him in all his fluffiness above.

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Netflix’s “Lost Session” is a pretty cool teaser to give us our first look at Cowboy Bebop. It is not part of the show at all, with all of it shot entirely for this short, yet it gives us a good idea of what the series will look like and be about. This is our first look at the full cast in action, and they all get to have a little bit of fun. Spike Spiegel, played by John Cho, plays it cool with Jet Black, played by Mustafa Shakir, shooting things up and Faye Valentine, played by Daniella Pineda, trying to keep things in control. Of course, as in the anime, the team screws up the assassination and ends up back on their ship with no payday. We even get a bit of a peek at Spike’s rival, Vicious (Alex Hassell).

The trailer is pretty damn crazy, with the “comic book bars” used not just to split up the screen but quickly transition locations, provide our heroes weapons, and allow them to chat with each other even when they’re not nearby. Obviously, this take on the show is going to be incredibly stylized, though it hopefully calms down at times as this style and pace could get old very quickly. However, they can play the incredible theme song, “Tank,” over every part of every episode and that would be fine.

Ten episodes of Cowboy Bebop will drop on Netflix on November 19, and till then, there is the “Lost Session” teaser video to watch on loop.

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