Crack the Code Behind SUPERHOT With Every Secret Terminal Location


Every time-warping stage in of the indie FPS SUPERHOT features a hidden terminal, and we’ve found them all. Get some hot tips and learn where to locate every secret terminal.

For each secret terminal you found, the unnamed player / protagonist is allowed one question. Most of these secrets are located outside the normal bounds of the level and require some serious precision jumping to access. Lucky for you, the player has awesome time-controlling powers that make these insane drops and parkour leaps just a touch easier to accomplish. Learn where to go and what to do to get every single secret with the level-specific locations below.

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All Secret Terminals Locations

There is one secret terminal per level. The mission select screen will display “CRACKED” next to the level title showing which secret terminals you’ve found.

01KICK.lvl: In the tutorial level, go to the ramp just past the third red enemy. Jump onto the raised space to the left of the ramp and jump down between the wall and the railing. Drop into the lower alley and search right to find the terminal.

02ALLEY.lvl: Use the radiators and ledges to reach the roof straight ahead from your starting point. Turn toward and defeat the two incoming enemies, there’s a corner you can jump to right next to the left car. From the roof, turn right and jump onto the wall air-conditioners to reach the top. Drop down and round the corner to find this terminal.

03CORRID.lvl: At the end of the hallway, jump out the window to the left of the two gunners. While falling, you can phase through the “building” exterior wall with windows and land on the interior floor below.

04DROP.lvl: Defeat the first enemy and continue straight forward, past the cop car and onto the squares at the end of the alley. Jump over the void and turn around — you’ll see upside down palm trees. Fall and try to land on the trees. Jump across to reach the terminal.

05SUBWAY.lvl: Jump onto the subway train on the left and run forward to find an unfinished terminal beyond the wall. Use the chairs to jump around the next wall and up to the terminal.

06JUMP.lvl: Jump out the windows on the right side and continue toward the back of the structure. There are ledges you can jump to leading up to the roof on the back of the exterior wall. The terminal is inside the top of the merry-go-round.

07SHOTS.lvl: Turn right and leap through the window, then turn right again. Continue toward the ledge and move left. Directly below are animatronic heads — drop onto these and jump across to get to the terminal.

09FIGHTC.lvl: Once the doors of the cage open, fight through the enemies to reach a camera on a tripod. Jump onto this camera to climb over the fence. Circle around the cage to find the terminal in the back-left corner.

10DESPER.lvl: Leave the bathroom and move straight from the door to the stripper pole. Use it to jump to slot machines and out the window. Circle right around the entire structure to find the next terminal.

11BREAK.lvl: Instead of breaking in through the skylight, continue toward the back-right corner of the roof and drop to a ledge below. Move left until you see cameras and monitors. Directly opposite this wall, drop down while looking toward the level — as you fall, you can access the terminal before dying.

13TIRALL.lvl: Dodge the truck then jump onto it with dumpsters at the back of the alley. Jump from the top of the truck to the vent to reach the roof. Use the stairs, jump to the fire escape and onto a higher roof. Climb the fire escapes, jumping to parallel stairs until you reach the highest roof. Drop down, turn away from the ferris wheel and use the terminal.

14SERV.lvl: Use the counter to jump and smash through the high windows. Circle right to an alcove interior with the terminal against the back wall.

15HOSPIT.lvl: After punching the enemy out the window, follow him out! Turn left as you fall and try to land on the lowest rung of the scaffolding. There’s a terminal hidden beneath. You can land on any of the scaffolds and gently drop one floor at a time.

16DONUT.lvl: Defeat the first opponent, turn left and defeat the second, then use the piles of wooden crates to reach the central roof. Jump toward the next nearest roof and into the narrow path. Drop onto the ledge on the right to get this terminal.

19OLDBOY.lvl: See the statue of the upside-down man on the right? Use a pedestal to jump on him, then the high ledge. From here, you can backtrack and leap across to the large open windows. From the exterior, continue toward the front of the map. Drop from the ledge and turn around to find a waiting room with a terminal inside.

17ELEVAT.lvl: Leave the elevator and jump out the back window on the right. Swivel around the back wall as you fall to reach a secret ledge. There’s a terminal around the corner.

20BALLRO.lvl: Don’t follow the instructions. Turn right and jump through the rounded corner wall. You’ll phase through it. Turn left and drop down to the next lower floor, then sneak across the extremely narrow path to find a hall leading to the terminal.

21MEETIN.lvl: Jump out the window to your left, the one marked with two ferns. Leap out and right to round the corner and reach a hidden path that takes you to the terminal.

25FALL.lvl: After you hotswitch into an enemy, turn around and leap through the jutting corner to your left. You’ll phase through it to reach another landing. Do the same move again to find a second hidden landing with the terminal.

26STAIR.lvl: Hotswitch to the body with the shotgun above. Turn left and jump on the ladder to reach the roof. That leads to another ladder. Jump on that, and across the gap to a lower roof ahead with a giant spool. Jump from there to the scaffolding. Now you can move left and jump to a final floor to get this level’s terminal.

27OFFICE.lvl: In the back-left corner of the office, there’s a window with a shotgun nearby. Jump through this window, turning left as you fall and looking down to spot a visible ledge. That leads to a cubicle. Use that to jump onto floating monitors and keyboards and look straight up to narrowly leap to and access the terminal embedded in the ceiling.

28STATION.lvl: Here, quickly move forward, use the bench to bound up to the top of the ad signs and onto the awning to the right. Jump onto the camera at the start of the awning to reach the roof. On the right you’ll see a floating train car and platforms in the sky. Use the platforms to reach the train car. The terminal is located at the front of the train.

29TRAIN.lvl: As the level begins, inch right and drop down to a tiny corner of the train below, then back-up to get inside the car’s interior. The terminal was beneath you the whole time.

30GATE.lvl: Fight into the truck terminal and jump onto the first truck, using it to reach the roof. You’ll phase through the large wires that appear to block your way. Turn left and drop into the hidden security office to grab this terminal.

31LOBBY.lvl: Enter the room on the right through the shattering glass, then turn right to face the back end of this map. Walk through the wall, turn left, and jump across the floating boxes. Reach the roof above the map and jump across the platform seemingly blocked by wires. Once again, you’ll phase through. Directly behind the wires, there’s a lower floor with a terminal. It’s a fake — jump over it and turn left. Drop to the floor with another single large wire prop. Right next to that is another lower platform with the real terminal.

32LONGWAY.lvl: Inside the long hallway, press against the left wall as you move forward. There’s a false wall you’ll phase through along the way. Jump over the coffin and turn around as you fall. There’s a ledge below you can narrowly reach.

32CORE.lvl: Use the computer banks and servers to the right of the CORE pyramid to jump up. Use the objects around the pillar first, then the hanging light, then on top of the pillar itself. Jump left to exit the map. Turn left again, drop down into the lower section, and round the corner to access the final terminal in SUPERHOT.

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