Creepy Swedish Folk Lore Game Year Walk Coming to PC, Mac


Indie developer Simogo is remaking its unsettling adventure title for iOS devices for PC and Mac, for release via Steam in early 2014.

Supernatural first person adventure game Year Walk is coming to PC and Mac in 2014 in what developer Simogo calls “something between a port and a remake.” Simogo, composed of duo Simon Flesser and Magnus “Gordon” Gardebäck, released Year Walk on iOS on February 21, 2013. Flesser announced on the Simogo blog today that a version of Year Walk for PC and Mac will be released in early 2014, via Steam.

The revisions made to the game for the PC and Mac versions include a completely new control scheme, and some changes to the puzzles. The iOS version of the game made use of several iPhone features for its puzzles, like tilt and multitouch, that can’t be replicated with a mouse and keyboard. Flesser writes on the Simogo blog, “Some of those puzzles have been redesigned, while others have been completely exchanged for brand new puzzles and interactions. So, redesigning puzzles not only means that we’ve changed the way you interact, many of them have new art and sounds as well. We even had to create one entirely new location in the forest for one of the new puzzles.” A map and optional hint system will also be added to the PC and Mac version.

Year Walk was inspired by Swedish myths and legends, and Simogo collaborated with folk lore expert Theodor Almsten to build the mythology for the world. The Year Walk companion app, released alongside the game, provides background information about the lore and creatures encountered in the game. In the new version, the companion app is integrated directly into the game. Year Walk has been praised on iOS for its unsettling aesthetic, music, pacing, and detailed folk lore.

As someone without an iOS device, I’m excited to see this game coming to PC and Mac. If nothing else, we can expect to see some excellent Let’s Play videos of Year Walk once it is released.

Source: Simogo

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