Croteam Announces Work On Serious Sam 3, New IP


Croatian developer Croteam has revealed that work is underway on a new chapter in the saga of everyone’s favorite dimension-hopping lunkhead with a gun, tentatively entitled Serious Sam 3.

In an interview in Croatian gaming magazine GamePlay (translated by fansite Seriously!), Chief Creative Officer Davor Hunski said that Serious Sam 3 is being worked on, and that an official statement by the publisher with details of the release will hopefully be made soon. Screenshots accompanying the article revealed extremely detailed and realistic weapons and enemies, as well as “very faithful” recreations of parts of Zagreb and small coastal towns featuring distinctly Croatian architecture.

The interview also touches on Croteam’s new, unannounced project, an original IP described as a “military tactical-action shooter.” Powered by the Serious Engine 3, the game will be set in the present, with “in your face action” requiring gamers to think before shooting – a big change from the Serious Sam style of play. The team claims the game will be a highly-detailed simulation of modern combat fused with fast-paced action.

The original Serious Sam, released in 2001, was a surprise hit for Croteam, winning numerous accolades from the media, including an IGN Editor’s Choice and GameSpot’s Game of the Year. Its frantic, non-stop FPS action drew many comparisons to the original Doom, and the game was hailed by many as a return to an “old-school” style of FPS gameplay. Although extremely violent, the game and its sequels are also well-known for the strong streak of goofball humor that runs through them.

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