Mark Wahlberg probably won’t get to be Nathan Drake, but maybe he could be Eric Draven instead.

It looks like A-Team and The Hangover star Bradley Cooper might not be appearing in the reboot of The Crow after all; sources suggest that the actor has scheduling conflicts that prevent him from appearing. But that doesn’t mean that the reboot is dead in the water; the studio just needs to find a new leading man, and apparently it has its eye on Mark Wahlberg.

This isn’t the first time that Wahlberg’s name has come up in connection with the reboot: he was previously thought to be a lock for the lead role last year, although he later squashed the rumor, saying that he had been interested, but never formally committed to it. Wahlberg isn’t the only possible replacement for Cooper though; GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra star Channing Tatum is also rumored to in the running for the part.

A lack of a leading man isn’t the only problem that the reboot has to deal with either: The Weinstein Company has sued Relativity, the studio behind the movie, over the films distribution rights. The case is still currently in arbitration with both sides contending that they own the rights.

The original Crow movie – an adaptation of the 1989 James O’Barr comic of the same name – came out in 1994, and performed well at the box office. Sadly, the success came with a high price, as star Brandon Lee was killed in an on set shooting accident. The movie is widely regarded as his best ever role, and any remake of the movie is going to have to be excellent if it wants to compete.

Source: Heat Vision Blog

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