Cryptic Releases Star Trek Online Timeline Video


Cryptic Studios has put out a video detailing the events leading up to Star Trek Online and this Trek neighborhood isn’t nearly as friendly and clean as the ones you’re used to.

The Star Trek universe used to be such a nice place. Sure, you’d occasionally run into some alien riff-raff like the Nausicaans or the Pakled, but give ’em a punch in the mouth or a short, sharp display of the innate moral superiority of the human race and they’d step back into line right quick-like. We even managed to get the Klingons to like us! Unfortunately, in Star Trek Online, which takes place 30 years after the feature film Star Trek: Nemesis, things have gone off the tracks a bit.

Following the death of Praetor Shinzon, the Romulan Empire falls into civil war; soon after, the Klingons get involved, taking advantage of the internal conflict to launch attacks on Romulan space and reclaim territories they’d lost in previous conflicts. The Federation speaks out against the attack, but hey, it’s Klingons, so what are you gonna do?

After awhile the Klingons get bored, so they pick a fight with the Gorn in another part of space. That seems to go well enough until the Gorn hook up with the Nausicaans and start taking it to the Klingons. Meanwhile, the Federation is still working the “let’s talk about our feelings” angle, but of course nobody’s paying any attention.

And that’s only part one! A second timeline video that will pick up in 2392, where this one left off, will hopefully be out soon. As a reformed Trekkie I hate to say this, but I suddenly find myself a lot more interested in this game than a was an hour ago.

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