Buck up, PC gamers, because it turns out you’ll be getting the Crysis 2 demo too.

The hint of annoyance that followed Crytek’s announcement of an Xbox 360-exclusive demo for Crysis 2 earlier this week was predictable. Why make a demo exclusive to one platform, especially when, publicity purposes notwithstanding, it’s the platform that least needs it? Countering the frustration were predictions that the demo would eventually come to other hardware and sure enough, Crytek said today that it’s on the way.

“At this time, Crytek and EA are also glad to confirm that we will also be releasing a pre-launch multiplayer demo of Crysis 2 on the PC,” Crytek Community Manager Tom Ebsworth wrote on the MyCrysis forums. “Stay tuned for more details.”

The studio also explained why the demo was announced as 360-only, with no mention of platforms. “If Crytek were to announce ‘stay tuned for information regarding a PC demo’ and then nothing were to eventuate from it, people would rage that we got them hyped up for it and then never release any info, stringing them along,” said community rep Adam Johnson. “It’s much better to keep quiet about things until we’re absolutely certain about something and then get the green light before we announce anything, that way we don’t get you guys excited for something that may not happen and you guys don’t get let down.”

The obvious question now is, what about the PlayStation 3? Crytek is keeping mum on that front so at this point it’s a matter of wait-and-see, with the option of posting a few angry forum messages while you do. There’s also no word about when the PC demo will be available; Ebsworth said only that it will come out “before Crysis 2 is released.”

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