Developer Crytek has announced that it is cutting short support for a Crysis patch – but the sequel, Crysis Warhead is due out this fall.

“As you know, it was a very hard decision for us to cancel Patch 1.3, but in the end it was important we shift our focus to some of the new and exciting things we are doing with Crysis Warhead,” the development team explained on its community forums.

Crysis Warhead will continue the original game’s storyline and follow the battles of an elite team exploring disturbances on a remote island. Also featuring the engine that powered the original game, it will be PC-exclusive.

Crytek recently joined a stream of developers who bemoaned the lack of sales on the PC platform and singled out piracy in particular as a key reason for poor sales.

Crytek President Cevat Yerli had also said that his studio’s future games would likely no longer be PC exclusives, but he added that Crysis could not be redeveloped for consoles.


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