Crytek art director Michael Khaimzon said he is proud of the team’s four-year project, Crysis, considers the PC the premiere gaming platform, and is continuing work on an undisclosed new project along with the rest of his team.

“Yes, when you work on something for four years like Crysis – which started in November 2003 – it’s amazing to see it finally come out and we learned so much from it,” Khaimzon said in an interview.

He said throwing new gameplay options into the mix, such as the game’s power suit and weapon customizations, forced the team to think hard about consequences for level design.

He added that he was not sure whether, or if, a sequel would be forthcoming, but emphasized the company invested a lot of effort into the game.

“The whole reputation of Crytek, and the way people are around here, they only want to do things that are amazing,” he said. “Nobody wants to make a game that’s just another game – we want to make a statement.”

The art director was also unapologetic about the highly demanding nature of Crysis, which can run on most systems one to two years old but cannot have absolutely maximum settings enabled with even the latest video cards at smooth frame rates.

“Nobody forces you to upgrade your PC. You can take Crysis and play it on a medium-spec machine and it will still run, even on an older machine. If you want to enjoy something that’s new and state of the art, then you have to spend money on it – nothing comes for free,” he said.

Referring to Crytek’s latest project, Khaimzon would only say that the work is being done in Kiev, Ukraine, and that it is in “the prototyping phase.”


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