Could the PlayStation 3 get a Crytek game all to itself? Boss Cervat Yerli says that it’s entirely possible.

Prompted by the announcement of Codename: Kingdoms at E3 last month – a game that is being published by Microsoft Game Studios – Yerli says that his company has considered making a PS3 exclusive in the past and may still do so in the future.

Yerli said that as an independent game developer, Crytek could work with whoever it wanted and that while discussions on the subject had come to nothing in the past, either due to portfoilio concerns or simply issues with time, Sony was a partner that Crytek would definitely love to work with.

He added that he wasn’t averse to working with any of the console manufacturers and said that he thought that Crytek’s strengths were almost always complimentary to any given platform’s weaknesses. He said that Crytek had been eager to work directly with a platform holder, and that Codename: Kingdoms was a “natural fit” for the 360.

“We have been talking with Microsoft for five or six years now about working together,” he said. “For some time I have said that I don’t want to work [exclusively with a] first-party. The time came around where we said maybe this IP, Kingdoms, could be very strong for a first-party platform. We asked Microsoft and they said ‘yes, that would be fantastic’.”

Crytek is currently working on the multiplatform title Crysis 2, which is due to come out later this year. After that, well, who knows? Crytek certainly isn’t limiting its options.

Source: CVG

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