How romantic!


Our fascination with Mars is longstanding, but with the use of NASA’s Curiosity rover we’ve been able to have some very exciting glimpses into the Red Planet. Now, thanks to the rover and the deft work of Damia Bouic, “space imaging enthusiast”, we too can experience something else from our neighbor: a beautiful Martian sunset.

The Curiosity rover obtained the images with its Mastcam-100 camera on April 15, 2015. Bouic then took the original images, which came through in black and white, and used her technical prowess to breathe some life and color back into them.

In a blog reposted by The Planetary Society, Bouic explained her editing process.

“These pictures came back to Earth in black and white, with a Bayer matrix.I had to process them through GIMP with GMIC in order to rebuild the colors. A little processing in Pixelmator to remove these ugly white stripes due to overloaded pixels; a little bit of denoising to remove artifacts of the Bayer matrix, and voila!”

Check out the beautiful images of the sunset, and one bonus image from Bouic comparing Mars at midday and sunset, below.

Source: Nerdist

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