Curse Gaming Gets $5 Million Investment


MMOG portal Curse receives funds from angel investors and French venture capitalists.

Curse Inc., a gaming portal focused on massively-multiplayer games, has received $5 million in funding from French venture capital firm AGF Private Equity and a group of angel investors. Coming off of the site’s fourth revision, these investments allow Curse to maintain creative control and expand the site’s features.

“Curse’s vision is to build a full-featured, community-driven portal devoted to online gaming, providing players with invaluable resources and delivering the gaming demographic to advertisers, as well as partners in the game development and publishing industries. The funding from AGF Private Equity provides the financial backing and creative freedom required to do this successfully,” said Hubert Thieblot, Curse’s founder and Chief Executive Officer.

AGF Private Equity partner and Curse board member Matthieu Baret commented, “MMOGs are a major growth segment in the gaming industry, and Curse successfully reaches the community that composes this growing market. With its truly worldwide approach, a host of new features that gamers want, and the passion and experience of its team, we believe Curse will become the leading Web 2.0 destination for the MMOG community.”

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