Cursed to Golf

Ah, the sport of golf. In video games, it’s quite a versatile pastime. One minute you might be teeing off in a wasteland, and the next you’re using fancy power-ups while battling an Italian plumber. But have you ever thought of combining a roguelite with it? That’s what the developer Chuhai Labs is doing with Cursed to Golf, an indie showcased during today’s [email protected] Showcase in order to announce that it is also coming to Xbox, in addition to Nintendo Switch and PC.

Here is the announcement video from director Liam Edwards and Thunderful Publishing below:

Check out the plot synopsis: You are the Cursed Golfer, and you are stuck in Golf Purgatory after an accident on Earth sends you there during your moment of glory. By conquering 18 dungeon-like holes, you just might be able to go back to the land of the living. You’ll have to make par during each hole and contend with obstacles like spikes, fans, and TNT.

Luckily, the otherworldly aspect of purgatory can be used to your advantage. There are Shot Idols throughout each course, and they replenish the number of shots you can make per hole. In addition, over 20 Ace Cards can be utilized that manipulate your surroundings and give you an edge during tricky holes. Iceball and Scattershot sound like the most useful and will be sure to help you get a hole in one.

Cursed to Golf will release sometime this year on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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