Artist Vadu Amka has released images of a customized PAL SNES that tickle the nostalgia bone of Castlevania fans everywhere.

Halloween is drawing near and as a result, many people are in a mood for something spooky. Just in example, I personally have plans to spend some time with Super Castelvania 4; maybe with The Omen on a separate screen and a bulk bag of Halloween candy to keep me company. Granted, that might not sound all that exciting, but as far Halloween plans go that’s pretty much perfection in my eyes. The only the thing I can think of that could make that better would be a custom SNES decked out with Castlevania-themed art. The one created by artist Vadu Amka would do the trick.

Working at the request of a diehard Castlevania fan, Amka recently took a PAL SNES and transformed it into a franchise homage that combines a plethora of images drawn straight from the games to pay tribute to the long running series. In addition to the series’ logo, Amka also incorporated a whip into his design and a nifty silhouette of Dracula’s iconic castle against the gigantic moon. All in all, it’s just a straight-up piece of art that’s likely to spawn more than a little envy from Castlevania fans everywhere.

This isn’t the only piece of customized hardware that Amka has worked on either. In addition to his Castlevania SNES he’s also done a Chrono Trigger adaptation of the console and a nifty Zelda-themed Nintendo 64, among others. Check out his work and let us know what you think.

Source: Vadu Amka

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