If you need Sony or Microsoft’s motion gaming devices for the holidays, for goodness’ sake just go buy them right now.

On a recent financial results conference call, GameStop executives told listeners that the sales environment for Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s PlayStation Move were beginning to resemble that of the Wii when it was first released. In other words, you eventually won’t be able to get either unless you’re lucky, pay extra on eBay, or bribe someone at a videogame store.

GameStop president Tony Bartel revealed that the retail chain is seeing a “new customer” coming into stores that has led to increased hardware sales. In particular, Kinect is helping to sell the Xbox 360. Because of the extra foot traffic, he told everyone to expect “supply constraints” over the holiday season this year.

“Not only are we excited with Kinect and Move in very short supply, but we also like the fact that they are bringing in an expanded audience,” Bartel said. He also predicted that customers will soon be following around UPS trucks to get their hands on the motion gaming devices, which is exactly what happened with the Wii for years. I don’t envy the videogame retail employees that have to put up with this kind of sales environment once again.

This “expanded audience” is apparently bringing their Xbox 360s “from the son’s room down to the family room so they can use it as a family,” according to GameStop executive chairman Dan DeMatteo. For all intents and purposes, this is exactly what Microsoft and Sony wanted to happen, though Microsoft may be having more success. The bottom line is that if you want Kinect, Move, or any videogame related item for your kids or parents this holiday season, don’t be a lazy bum and wait until the last week of December to go buy it.

Source: Gamasutra

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