Cute Robots Protect Your Privacy on Street View


Some may worry about their privacy being invaded by Street View, but according to this video, those worries are unfounded.

Google has released a new video, targeted at the Japanese, to allay privacy fears over its Google Maps Street View feature. Street View allows map viewers to take a look at actual pictures of the streets on a Google Map. Google makes this possible by sending out a car that takes pictures of its surroundings. Google has been criticized for invading the privacy of the citizens and businesses shown in these pictures.

But, not to worry, Street View is nothing to be feared, as we can see in the video. Not only are all the pictures taken by a cute, unassuming robot, but he works his ass off all night and day to make sure that mailing addresses and license plate numbers stay the hell off of Google Maps. And, if something happens to slip through the cracks, give the little guy a call or send him a letter and he’ll correct the mistake! He’s Google’s robot slave, he doesn’t need to sleep. What the video doesn’t show is that if the robot takes a picture of you, it steals your soul and you die a day later. But at least he’ll Photoshop you out of Street View!

Source: Japanator

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