Gaming PC builder CyberPower is turning to Ridata for SSD drives.

The maker of gaming systems said it had contracted with Ritek, the makers of the Ridata brand, to use the latter’s 32GB SATA Turbo Solid State Drives in the former’s machines. The two say this will make quicker boot and playing times as well as cutting down on the length of game downloads.

The Ridata SSDs are based upon NAND flash technology and have no moving parts. They use less power than regular hard drives and run very quietly.

“The addition of Ridata SSD Turbo Drives furthers our high end gaming product offering,” said CyberPower CEO Eric Cheung. “SSD offers the benefit of no moving parts and quiet operation creating a new high performance option for desktop and laptop gaming computers alike. The benefits of fast boot and download times as well as the ruggedness of the Ridata drive are ideal for consistent high performance computing and gaming.”

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