d20Pro Unlimited hopes to offer unlimited rule systems, creatures, campaigns, and more using Kickstarter stretch goals.

Tabletop games, especially RPGs, have been making something of a resurgence these days. Sadly it’s still be challenging to pull together a dedicated gaming group, but that’s where virtual tabletops can make a difference. Services like roll20 and the D&D Virtual Table merge tabletop gaming with its electronic counterpart, letting a GM run campaigns over a standard internet connection. Now the d20Pro team, working with Mesa Mundi, plans to revitalize the d20Pro virtual tabletop via Kickstarter, adding unlimited rule systems, creatures for d20Pro Unlimited.

The original d20Pro gave players control of character actions while leaving GMs in charge of maps and creature spawns. Most other gameplay elements, like initiative, fog of war, and other automated effects, are controlled by the computer so everyone can play without fussing over the details. The d20 Unlimited Kickstarter will expand on the original, allowing for creature plugins, customizable house rules, advanced authoring tools, dynamic fog of war, and the ability to play any rule system.

The Escapist spoke with the d20Pro team at Gen Con and checked out the new dynamic lighting tools that really help the software shine. “We’re really thrilled to be working with Mesa Mundi because that means I can throw myself into development full time,” d20 Pro’s Mat Morton said. “We think we’re one of the most adaptable virtual tabletop softwares out there and we’ll only be better now.”

d20Pro Unlimited’s Kickstarter functions a little differently than other projects you might have backed. Instead of offering a fixed goal for a fixed service, features are tiered under individual $10,000 stretch goals. According to d20Pro’s project page, these features are all in progress, but Kickstarter would help them be completed at a faster rate. “The more successful the Kickstarter is, the more features can be delivered in a short amount of time,” the page reads.

d20Pro Unlimited is currently sitting at $20,000 worth of its goals, which unlocks alternate grid and creature plugins. The Kickstarter will run until September 13th, with an estimated release date in 2015.

Source: Kickstater

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