Dan Bull’s “Civilization Epic Rap” is a rap about Civilization that really is quite epic.

Dan Bull is a guy from the U.K. who raps about geeky things. And don’t get on my case for judging the man, because those are his words, not mine. We first encountered him here in the “Take Me To Oblivion” track he recorded with Baron Samedi in 2010, and more recently he provided the soundtrack for the Dunwall City Trials gameplay trailer.

Both of them are quite good but his latest release, “Civilization Epic Rap” is, to my ears and eyes, even more impressive. Created in conjunction with NATZure, it’s a remarkable journey through the history of humanity that ends on a hopeful and even inspirational note, laid over cinematics taken from Civilization V for a particularly powerful effect. You might even call it epic.

Source: YouTube

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