Dance Dance Robo-Lution


Just getting one robot to dance is impressive, so a twenty robot chorus line is pretty spectacular.

Some robots can run, some can jump, and some can fly, but these robots? These robots dance. A team from Aldebaran Robotics has put together a troupe of twenty dancing robots for the Shanghai World Expo. It’s not exactly body-popping and head-spinning, but watching them dances in perfect unison to Maurice Ravel’s Bolero is pretty cool.

The troupe is made up of Aldebaran’s Nao robot, which is highly articulated and capable of a pretty incredible range of movement. Each robot is about two feet tall, and has about as much processing power as a smartphone. A single Nao costs around €10,000, so the entire troupe is worth around quarter of a million dollars.

Source: Dvice

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