Danger Zone Turns Burnout 3‘s Crash Mode into a Full Game When it Launches May 30

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If you loved Burnout 3‘s Crash Mode, you should keep an eye on Three Fields Entertainment’s Danger Zone when it releases later this month.

Three Fields Entertainment is a developer founded by the same folks who founded Criterion, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that its newest game is inspired by Burnout 3. That game had a “Crash Mode” that rewarded you for causing crashes, with bigger crashes giving bigger rewards. That’s the premise for Danger Zone.

Three Fields says that “The Danger Zone is a virtual Crash Testing Facility where players step into the shoes of a Crash Test driver and are challenged to survive a variety of spectacular crash testing scenarios.”

The game will include a single player mode with 20 unique crash testing scenarios, as well as connected leaderboards so you can compete with your friends for crash-testing supremacy. Fiona Sperry, Three Fields’ founder and CEO, said in a press release, “Danger Zone takes what made the Crash Mode featured in 2004’s Burnout 3: Takedown so popular and transforms it into an all-new car-crashing, arcade-style game. We look forward to engaging those same fans by delivering an entirely new and extremely fun experience.”

Danger Zone will be out on PC and PS4 on May 30.

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