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Dark Circle Comics will be launching The Fox, The Black Hood and The Shield in 2015.

Comic readers may recall earlier in July when Archie Comics announced it would be re-launching its Red Circle Comics superhero line under the new name Dark Circle Comics. Aimed at delivering fresh action books, it’s the publisher’s hope that the new brand will be able draw in readers looking for fresh series “telling stories about flawed characters from a range of genres, including crime, superhero adventure and off-the-wall action.” Now Archie and Dark Circle have given readers their first look at what exactly this will mean.

In an announcement yesterday, Dark Circle Comics revealed the names and creative teams of its first three titles. Among the unveiled titles were The Black Hood, The Fox and The Shield. The Black Hood will be a “gritty, noir crime thriller” written by Duane Swierczynski and featuring art from Michael Gaydos. The Fox, in turn, will be written by Mark Waid and Dean Haspiel with Jose Villarrubia providing art and will follow the efforts of its titular hero to battle crime in Impact City. The Fox, of course, originated in the 1940s and, most recently, was the subject of a 2013 mini-series by Waid and published by Archie. Finally, The Shield will be helmed by writers Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig with artist David Williams. The book will “feature a new and different incarnation of the classic character” in “superhero action adventure” stories.

All three books are currently slated to released in 2015 and while it’s too early to tell for certain, we’ll go out on a limb and say that these could be pretty decent. Just personally, I’m a sucker for “gritty, noir crime thriller[s]” and while I haven’t read the 2013 Fox mini-series, I tend to like Mark Waid’s work and would happily give him a try on another series. What do you think? Does Dark Circle’s opening salvo look like a winner to you? Or is the new line misfiring with its first shots?

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