3D Movies? Christoper Nolan, the director behind Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, isn’t a fan.

At a Q&A session at the LA Times’ Hero Complex Film Festival, director Christopher Nolan talked about 3D movies, and why he isn’t really keen on them.

“[O]ne of the reasons why I’m a little reluctant about 3D at the moment [is] because I find it, as a viewer, impossible to forget that I’m watching a film. I think until they can find a way around that, it’s going to be problematic.”

Nolan also said there were technical details to consider and that 3D glasses, not to mention shooting in 3D, reduces the quality of the movie. “The truth of it is, when you watch a film here [in 2D], you’ll looking at a 16 foot-lamberts [a unit used to measure screen brightness]. When you watch it through any of the conventional 3D processes, you’re looking at three foot-lamberts. It’s a massive difference. Having struggled for years to get theaters to get up to the proper brightness, we’re now seeing polarized film going back to worse than we were. There are a lot of problems with it.”

“One of the things that people don’t talk about is shooting in 3D requires shooting on video. If you mask it to 2.40 [aspect ratio], you’re only getting 800-900 lines of resolution. You have to use a beam splitter [a device that splits an image so that it can be displayed in 3D]. There are enormous compromises in other words,” he added.

Despite his reservations, Nolan did consider adding 3D to his upcoming film Inception by converting the film after it was shot. He ultimately decided against it however, saying: “We didn’t have time to do it to the standard I would have been happy with. Post conversion technology I think probably for me would definitely be the future, but really it’s going to be up to audiences to decide how they watch their films.”

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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