Dark Souls Studio Acquired by Killer is Dead Publisher

Dark Souls II

Dark Souls studio From Software has been picked up by Japanese publisher Kadokawa.

Japanese publisher Kadokawa, best-known for publishing off-beat Japanese titles Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer is Dead, has picked up Dark Souls developer From Software. The publisher announced the acquisition today, stating that it aims to take advantage of the developer’s worldwide influence.

From Software, which also produces the Armored Core and Tenchu series, will now work alongside Kadokawa Games, the company’s existing video game subsidiary, with a degree of autonomy. The two companies will assist each other when it comes to development and marketing.

Of the acquisition, Kadokawa says that it plans to expand to new game platforms, overseas markets and more digital platforms, through the production of new video game IPs.

Dark Souls II, which was released to generally favorable reviews earlier in the year, has also proven to be a commercial success. It was no doubt this success that led to the acquisition.

As for what it means for the company, well, hopefully Kadokawa is smart enough to simply let From Software keep doing its thing, and develop the kind of titles it wants to develop.

Source: Gamasutra

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