David Cage: Microsoft Falsely Represented Natal’s Capabilities


Can Natal scan objects like skateboards directly into your games? No, says Quantic Dream head David Cage.

Quantic Dream’s David Cage, fresh off his release of Heavy Rain, is interested in Microsoft’s Natal, but isn’t that enthused about the way it was presented to consumers at E3 2009. As he told Destructoid, Microsoft’s trailer for the device (shown alongside this article) certainly sparked curiosity, but wasn’t entirely honest.

“I was a bit frustrated that they presented it with a sci-fi-type presentation,” he said. At one point in the trailer, a punk skater kid holds his skateboard up to Natal and scans it into a skateboarding game to ride around on. Cage says this just isn’t possible as shown.

Cage talked about “when the kid comes in with the skateboard and the laser ray, scanning the skateboard, and then it’s in the game,” and rolled his eyes. “We are in the industry; we know what’s feasible and what’s not.” This portion of the trailer doesn’t look that incredible to me as I know it only means that an image is being scanned in, but it probably does imply to the less-knowledgable general public that real world objects can be scanned into videogames with Natal.

Cage feels that “it was a little bit lying to present it that way, because it will let [consumers] think that they will [see] something that they are not really close to getting.” Microsoft did put that “actual features and functionality may vary” at the bottom of Natal’s trailer, but I think we all can admit that it looked a bit too futuristic when we first saw it. After seeing Natal demonstrated on television and by the enthusiast community, it’s somewhat proven itself, but we won’t know the truth until it gets into the hands of the truly unbiased consumer. However, E3 2010 should reveal some new information on it first, as Microsoft has said it’ll be showing the full Natal lineup then.

Source: Destructoid

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