David Jaffe’s Motorgun Kickstarter Sputters


The indie vehicular combat game cancels its Kickstarter with weeks to go.

Interstate ’76 meets World of Tanks“. That was the pitch for Motorgun. Like every Kickstarter hopeful, Pixelbionic had big plans. Multiple factions, a single-player campaign, deformable models and localized damage. Had its $650,000 crowdfunding campaign succeeded, it even would have brought Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe and Interstate ’76‘s Zack Norman onboard. However, after barely scraping up a tenth of its original goal, Pixelbionic has decided to can the game for the time being.

“Kickstarter is a harsh mistress,” developers Michael “Maxx” Kaufman and Mike Arkin posted in an update. “Lots of projects are pitched to the community and sometimes they resonate and sometimes they don’t. In this case, what we were pitching wasn’t exactly what you guys wanted. So, as a result we’re making the tough decision to not drag it out and we’re going to cancel the campaign[.]”

This doesn’t mean that Motorgun is gone. Instead, Pixelbionic is going to rethink their design and work on a new pitch, one more formulated to what their fans want. “We’re going to change our pitch and change the game,” the post continues, “so keep talking, we’re still listening!” Those interested in following the project’s redesign can do so on Pixelbionic’s forums.

Even though its campaign fell through, it doesn’t blame Kickstarter. “Games are being made now that could never be made in the old system, and it’s because you are voting with your dollars and your comments and your feedback,” Kaufman and Arkin write. “Keep it up, you’re changing the world one game at a time.”

Source: Kickstarter

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