David Perry to Create Dance MMO

Acclaim Games Inc., has announced that former Shiny boss David Perry is directing the development of “DANCE!”, a “massively multiplayer online dancing game” for PCs.

Although the company has announced that the game will be free to play, will include “chart-topping hits” in a variety of styles and allow dancers to get married in-game, what seems to still be in flux is exactly how gamers will be playing it.

The scant details of the game available now focus on character customization and the variety of music that will be included, though Acclaim has stopped short of naming any actual tracks. What has also yet to be announced is exactly how the game will be controlled.

When asked on the Acclaim forums if the game would support dance mats, like those used to play dance games on consoles, Perry was positive, if not concrete, in his reply.

“Yes, our developers are looking into the best way to support both new and legacy dance mats,” Perry said on Acclaim’s forums. “So good call on that, these are the kinds of things we want to hear as we go through beta.”

When he announced the game on his site, Perry acknowledged that this might seem an unusual move, beginning his post with “Bet you didn’t see this coming.” But Perry said in a press release that he’s been a fan of dance-style games for years.

A similar game, at least in premise, called “Audition: Online Dance Battle” is slated to be released in the U.S. this year.

Like Acclaim’s other titles, “DANCE!” will be free to play, generating revenue through in-game advertising and sales of customization accessories in the game. Registration for the closed beta test is currently available at: dance.acclaim.com. On his Web site, Perry said that the game will be released in “very, very early 2007.”

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