DayZ Video Shows Off Standalone’s Progress

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The DayZ team’s hard at work on those empty bean cans, as this development blog demonstrates.

“We still have some way to go in performance,” says the DayZ development team, “the initial tests of 4000 zombies spawned reduced the server FPS to 4.” But testing’s like that, and this edition of the DayZ development blog shows off some of the progress Bohemia’s been making with its standalone zombie apocalypse game.

A couple volunteers from Reddit and the Bohemia folks went for a run through the environment, testing out loot drops, helmets, animation and other fun stuff. Before too much longer, Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall promises, the crafting system will even get into your beans; you’ll have to combine food items with a gas cooker for the full benefit. “This is not a traditional crafting system,” says Bohemia, “but one that encourages players to explore the ways in which items can be crafted.” The last ten minutes or so is all about solving zombie pathfinding issues – Hall describes this as “a really big problem in the mod” – and showing off some map design ideas.

“There is a great deal more that can be covered,” says Bohemia, “but we’re really deeply in the thick of development at the moment and we just wanted to get something quick and dirty to all those waiting for standalone.” Plus, of course, there’s PAX Boston and GDC to come; the DayZ team’s got a lot on its plate at the moment.

“It’s one foot after another,” says Bohemia, “and soon we’ll be at the finish line.”

Source: DayZ Dev Tumblr

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