DC Universe Online Adding “Armories” For Alternative Character Builds

DC Universe Online armories

DC Universe Online characters will each receive a complimentary armory slot with each additional one afterward costing $6 each.

In a world full of super powered heroes and villains adaptation is something of a necessity. Just look at Superman, where would he be right now if he couldn’t put on some fancy protective suit to keep himself safe whenever a baddie whips out a chunk of kryptonite? The answer is dead (though probably not for long). Unfortunately, the process of changing your skills, clothes and weapons in DC Universe Online can, at times, be a bit tedious.

That being the case, Sony Online Entertainment has announced the official launch of new “armory” options that players will be able to use to piece together alternate builds that they can then conveniently swap in and out as needed. “Gone are the days of running back to the Respec Chamber to switch your points over to your role while your group waits,” said SOE in its announcement. “Gone are the days of finding a new favorite outfit, only to risk forgetting your old one.” These armory builds won’t just be out-of-combat affairs either. Players will be able to utilize them both in the field and in battle, albeit with an attached cooldown.

Each character is, in turn, being given a single complimentary armory slot to try out and play around with. If desired, additional armory slots can be purchased for $6 a piece or in bulk at a discounted rate from the in-game store. Each character will however, be limited to four armories per base and can only have four active for use at a given time.

Source: DC Universe Online

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