Dead Rising 2 Producer Hates His Job


He may have made dozens of games, but Capcom’s Keiji Inafune says he isn’t having any fun.

Considering his outspoken criticism of the Japanese game industry, you might assume that Inafune is passionate about making games and loves what he does. Well, that’s where you’d be wrong, as he says he actually hates his job and wants to retire early.

Inafune said that people who enjoy their work take their time over it, but because he doesn’t enjoy it, he works much harder and gets more done. He said that it would be easy for him to just do a small amount of work and still pick up a big paycheck, and there were a lot of creators who did exactly that, but that that wasn’t the way he liked to do things.

For a man who hates working with games, he sure has spent a lot of his life doing it. In his 23 year career with Capcom Inafune has worked on more than two dozen Mega Man games – helping to create the original design for the titular character – as well as nearly the same number of non-Mega Man games either as a producer, or as an artist.

It’s hard to imagine someone working a job that he or she actually hated for more than two decades if they had other options, so presumably, Inafune’s comments aren’t literally true and are meant to reflect how hard he pushes himself to succeed. Considering he thinks that Capcom is only just keeping up with Western developers, you’ve got to imagine he’s pushing pretty hard.

Source: Kotaku

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