Dead Rising 3 Coming to PC – Update


Could Dead Rising 3 be making its way to the PC?

Update: Capcom has confirmed via Twitter that Dead Rising 3 is indeed coming to PC. It said the title would hit the platform “this summer”. You can check out the official PC trailer to the right.

Original Story: Those super sleuths over at NeoGAF have dug something rather interesting out of the latest Steam Database update. It’s an entry for what they believe to be Dead Rising 3, and unlike those Halo entries we saw a while back, this one comes accompanied by an official header image, hosted on Valve’s servers.

Furthermore, industry insider Shinobi602 previously Tweeted that “Some good stuff [is] coming soon for Dead Rising 3 fans.” Of course, we’ve seen no official word from Capcom as of yet, but this looks pretty legit – considering that as well as the header image, the entry also has large and small icon images in the database.

While Dead Rising 2, a multi-platform title, is currently on the Steam database, the original title is still exclusive to the Xbox 360, and not available anywhere else. If Dead Rising 3 makes it way to Steam, despite also being an “Xbox exclusive”, perhaps we’ll see the original (and best) Dead Rising too?

Dead Rising 3 is one of Xbox One’s more powerful exclusive titles, so having it available on the PC as well is sure to hurt its potential sales.

Source: NeoGAF

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