Dead Rising 3 won’t make you beat down zombies alone.

Dead Rising 3 will include a new and improved two-man online co-op, according to an update on Capcom’s Unity blog.

When a second player jumps into a game, they’ll take control of big rig driver Dick. Together, DR3 protagonist Nick and Dick can team up for missions and mayham, or wander the expansive city of Los Perdidos independently. While partners weren’t required to help each other in Dead Rising 2 per se, they were restricted to mowing down zombies in the same area.

Capcom also says that all progress made during co-op will carry over to the second player’s campaign. If a player joins in and helps a friend complete a mission they haven’t reached yet in their own campaign, they will have the option of skipping the mission once they do.

In addition to the co-op update, Capcom released a few images of “Greed,” one of the game’s psychopath bosses inspired by the seven deadly sins. Get a good look at him – and more co-op craziness – in the gallery below.

Dead Rising 3 will launch alongside the Xbox One November 22.

Source: Capcom-Unity

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