Dead Rising 3 Targeting 30 Frames Per Second

Dead Rising 3 promo art

Capcom address concerns that Dead Rising 3 demos at E3 and GamesCom have been dropping below 30 FPS.

Dead Rising 3 developer Capcom Vancouver is working with Microsoft to improve the game’s frame rate issues before it’s official launch, senior producer Jason Leigh has assured Fans were quick to notice that both the GamesCom and E3 demos of the game ran into frame rate issues, but Leigh assures us that “[the] demo is actually several weeks old and we’ve made a lot of ground. We’ve got a little bit more ways to go before we release the game.”

Games on the Xbox 360 and PS3 ranged anywhere from 30 to 60 frames per second, with games in the later stages of the generation’s life-cycle usually utilizing lower frame-rates. Halo 3, for instance, was locked at 30 FPS, as was The Last of Us. Many of us expected the hardware upgrade of the PS4 and Xbox One to come with an increase in frame rate, bringing consoles in line with the 60 FPS PC gamers have come to accept as standard, but developers seem to be fairly split on the issue.

Call of Duty: Ghosts developer Infinity Ward says they are aiming for 60 FPS “with no compromise”, while Thief developer Eidos Montreal suggests 60 FPS is “not a necessity,” and will stick to 30.

Meanwhile, Capcom Vancouver, which is having trouble even maintaining 30 FPS, claims Dead Rising 3 should be stable by launch. “We’re targeting 30 frames a second,” Leigh added, “and because we’re based in Vancouver, and Seattle is where Microsoft is based, we’re only three hours up the road so we constantly have tech people driving back and forth and they’re helping us to make this a very smooth running game at launch.”

Hopefully they can sort this out before launch. What do you guys think? Is 30 FPS too low? Should 60 FPS be the standard for next-gen?


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