Isaac Clarke’s next adventure will be a monologue free zone, says Dead Space 2’s producer.

If you were dismayed to learn that the previously silent Isaac Clarke would start talking in Dead Space 2 then you’ll probably be quite pleased to learn that he won’t be flapping his gums all the time. In fact, Visceral Games actually removed a lot of Clarke’s dialogue, because it didn’t work quite the way it wanted.

Dead Space 2 producer, Shereif Fattouh, said that there was a big difference between the dialogue on paper, and when it was actually in the game. What might look fine in a script was often much too long for the game, and had to be cut, and/or edited multiple times before Visceral was happy with it. Fattouh said that the long speeches were throwing off the rhythm of the game, and so they had to go. “I don’t want to hear him talking, this is ridiculous,” he said. “I wouldn’t be talking while I’m shooting, you know – while I’m being chased by these necromorphs, [but] he’s having a monologue about his lament for his ex-girlfriend”.

It’s not hard to imagine what he means; few things ruin atmosphere faster than someone gabbing away when something tense or frightening is going on. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that Isaac speaks now – his silence could sometimes feel a little strange in the first Dead Space, especially when other characters were talking to him – but it’s clear that Visceral was prepared to be brutal with the script to keep the feel of the game intact.

Dead Space 2 comes out for Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 on January 25th.

Source: VG247

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