My God, DoubleBear, it’s been a while. A Steam page, you say?

Dead State, the Kickstarted zombie game that has taken forever to get here – seriously, guys, this one got its first announcement in 2010, that’s less of an undead shamble, more of a crawl – will get a playable demo in January. A Steam page is also in the ‘coming soon’ category.

This one did pretty well in its crowdfunder, raising more than double its $150,000 ask. Yes, that’s developer Brian Mitsoda’s dulcet tones you can hear in the video. The proposed demo covers the first few days of a survivor’s experience, and is a more extended version of the game that you may have seen at PAX this year.

“I’d say we’re making good progress and even in a pre-Beta stage the game feels pretty good and very on target for what we promised for the Kickstarter,” said developer DoubleBear back in October.

This PC only survival RPG features turn-based tactical combat, with all the added joy of panicking allies, for those moments when you really need everyone to hang together. Plus there’s a layer of political intrigue, as you need to keep morale up. Will your decisions keep people happy, or have you just inadvertently destroyed your group?

If you want to know more, head over to DoubleBear.

Source: PC Gamer

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