Deadline Game CEO: Invest In Outsourcing, Don’t Exploit It


Chris Mottes, top man at Deadline Games, cautioned against using outsourcing as a quick and cheap method of producing games and urged a longterm view in a recent interview.

“If there is a sweatshop mentality, it is going to boomerang and hit us in the back of the neck eventually,” said Mottes.

Developers of Total Overdose and its PSP spin-off Chili Con Carnage, Deadline Games is putting money into outsourcing companies in what it says is an effort to maintain quality standards.

“My philosophy on outsourcing in general is a little different than others in that, in our experience at least, particular if we are looking for cost savings in outsourcing, it is very difficult to ensure that the quality you are going to get through the whole production is going to be consistent,” Mottes said.

The CEO said influencing, and even owning, the outsourcing companies will allow game developers to be socially responsible and ensure an even level of development

“Clearly, it is a mixture of commercial and social interests that I feel go hand-in-hand,” he said.


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