Death Road Feeds Pandas To Zombies, Seeks Kickstarter Cash


I don’t even … you can train a dog to drive a car? There are kittens? A dude in a horse suit? A PANDA?

Death Road To Canada confirms something I’ve long suspected: Canada is the place to be when the world’s infested with zombies. Along the way through this randomized road trip permadeath simulation you’ll discover fellow survivors and scavenge for supplies, but watch out for those dumb-but-determined undead, as they have designs on your tender nether parts. Yes, it’s Kickstarter time for this odd little soul, and at time of writing it’s already raised $7,553 of its modest $25,000 goal, with 28 days left to go.

Want a cat? They raise morale, you know, and dogs can fight for you, or be trained to drive cars. You can have an entire team of mutts in a muscle car if that’s what turns you on. The whole thing’s different each time you play, and that includes the collection of survivors you collect and have to keep happy on your deadly road trip. There’s an interactive fiction element here, as the people on your team influence the choices you can make, and the results. Or there’s unique survivors like Horse Mann, the panda, the kid, the Mountie … the list goes on, and the developer’s hoping to include more special events, characters, art and easter eggs, if the cash rolls in.

This one’s due end of Fall 2013, and will be a PC, Mac and Linux title when it launches; other versions are planned, but won’t be available right away. Speaking of PC, there’s a Steam Greenlight page over here, and if you become a backer you’ll get a Steam key when this fella gets Lit.

Source: Kickstarter

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