Death Stranding, PC, PlayStation

Death Stranding may not be a PlayStation-exclusive title for long according to a delisting on PlayStation’s official website.

Hideo Kojima’s new title after his departure from Konami has had PlayStation fans excited since its announcement at E3 2016, but thanks to ResetEra user Vestan, we now suspect a PC release may not be far behind.

Vestan first posted his findings earlier today after he noticed Death Stranding was no longer listed alongside other PlayStation exclusives like God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn on the Australian PlayStation site. Using the Wayback Machine, the user was able to demonstrate that this same page previously did list Death Stranding back on May 26.

The game is now absent from apparently every region-specific website with a PlayStation exclusives page.

Kojima’s much anticipated game was initially announced to come to PC after its PlayStation release, though Kojima Productions has not given an update on that front since the official announcement. With Sony quietly peeling away language about exclusivity for the game, it suggests a formal announcement on the PC release for Death Stranding could be on the horizon.

If you’re hungry for more information about the game right now, then take a look at how Kojima recently mentioned that Keanu Reeves was almost in it.

Death Stranding releases for PlayStation 4 owners on Nov. 8, 2019. For any potential future releases, stay tuned.


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