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Deathground Looks Like Alien: Isolation with Dinosaurs in New Teaser

Deathground has a new trailer that looks like Alien Isolation with dinosaurs
Image via Jaw Drop Games.

With Gamescom in full swing, we’re being treated to raft of new footage and reveals. One of those to come out of the Future Games Show this evening was a new teaser trailer for Deathground, a dinosaur survival game that definitely owes a debt of gratitude to Alien: Isolation.

It has a similar dingy industrialism aesthetic, and we also get a glimpse of familiar looking gameplay that includes tracking your threats with a motion scanner and hiding from them in conveniently placed cabinets. Deathground even shares a similar idea of having your predators powered by dynamic AI. However, it’s not a xenomorph that you’re trying to outwit, but rather a bunch of dinosaurs.

Unlike Alien: IsolationDeathground is designed as a co-op game first, putting you in teams of up to three players to complete objectives. Nevertheless, you can play solo if you choose — the challenge will simply be much more intense. Check out the trailer below:

The game has been in development since at least 2020, when it went public with a successful Kickstarter campaign. Then, it was planned for a 2021 Early Access release with a full launch in 2022, followed by robust post-launch support. The new trailer does not offer a revised release window, though the game will be available on PC via Steam. Console versions are reportedly being considered, but they won’t eventuate until the PC version is done, if at all.

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