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Deathground Looks Like the Jurassic Park Horror Game You’ve Always Dreamed Of

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If you have ever wanted to live through the most terrifying moments of Jurassic Park (for some reason), then dinosaur survival horror game Deathground just might be for you. Currently pitched as a PC-bound Kickstarter project from Jaw Drop Games, the game sees a team of up to three players running for their lives from murderous dinos. If you’re looking to send some chills down your spine, you can watch the recently released pre-alpha gameplay teaser below.

Deathground looks part Outlast, part Alien: Isolation, and part Jurassic Park in all the best ways. The survival horror game sees players working together or alone with the goal of escape and rests on three pillars: terror, teamwork, and emergence. Each portion plays into Deathground’s backbone of immersion through tense atmosphere and dynamic gameplay. In addition, dinosaurs have been designed to be intelligent and unpredictable to keep players on their toes, so reaching the extraction point with loot is aimed to feel both challenging and rewarding.

At the time of writing, Jaw Drop has raised over $73,000 of its $100,558 goal for Deathground and still has 20 days left to raise funds. If the project is successfully funded, the game will come to PC with three maps, two dinosaur types, three character classes, and upward of three-player co-op. Additional funding goals could be in the cards, however, as the studio promises additional dinosaurs, character classes, maps, and more if fans continue to support it through Kickstarter.

Jaw Drop has team members that have worked on Soma, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Alien: Isolation, and the Total War franchise, among other projects. The core team is made up of 12 developers, though there are plans to expand as development continues.

Deathground’s Steam page presently lists no release window, though the Kickstarter page says that backers can expect to receive their rewards for September 2021. You can check out the game’s debut trailer as well below.

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