DeathSpank Trailer Looks Promising


If you don’t know what DeathSpank is, you need to, right now.

Ron Gilbert is sort of a big deal. He was a key figure in the creation of Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, and the SCUMM engine many of those LucasArts adventure games ran on. His newest project with Hothead Games, DeathSpank, has been hyped for a while, and thanks to a ton of exclusive coverage over at 1up we now know more details. Plus, the game’s first trailer showing gameplay has been released (included to the right), and it looks great.

According to 1up’s preview, DeathSpank is a cross between Monkey Island and Diablo, combining hack-and-slash-and-loot gameplay with comedic puzzles. Players will need to chop through skeletons while searching for items such as unicorn poop and taco ingredients. DeathSpank isn’t confirmed for any particular platforms just yet, strangely enough, but considering it is being developed at Hothead, creators of Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, the PC, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade are likely contenders.

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