Decide How Max Blows Stuff Up in the Mad Max Interactive Trailer



Warner Bros. has released an interactive trailer for Mad Max which demonstrates some of the variety coming to the open-world game from Avalanche Studios next month. Presenting three wasteland scenarios where Max comes into conflict with raiders led by Scabrous Scrotus, the viewer is invited to make a selection in each to decide which course of action Max will take in dealing with them.

All of the choices lead to violence, bloodshed, and explosions, though their approaches do vary from straightforward aggression (hit things with a car to blow them up) to more technical methods (tether thing to car with a cable, then blow it up).

The trailer, on a technical level is designed really well. Only one of the three options available in the final choice doesn’t result in a loop back to the start of the selection tree. This means you can play a fun trailer watching game where you guess which choice will make you replay the video to view any content you still wanted to see.

Okay, maybe “fun” is a strong word, but it’s a free game with a fail state condition I made up to help you justify watching the same six bits of footage three times just to see about a minute of new gameplay content. The bar was pretty low.

The trailer does provide some intriguing gameplay possibilities, to be certain. Incorporating a vehicle-mounted War Boy into strategies has some potential for mayhem, depending on how versatile your gibbering madman winds up being.

Mad Max releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on September 1.

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