Four knights against one demon? That doesn’t exactly seem fair.

A new trailer for Deep Down, Capcom’s upcoming free-to-play action title for PS4, shows medieval-style fantasy characters taking on monsters in the ruins of New York city. The sci-fantasy setting isn’t actually a new development: Since announcing the game at February’s PS4 announcement event, Capcom revealed that, despite the knights and dragons, the game is set against the ruins of New York City in the year 2094.

For those of us who are still trying figure out exactly how Deep Down will set itself apart, the so-called “prologue” features a cutscene that may show a glimpse of the gameplay experience developer Capcom Online Games is shooting for; an online co-op fusion of Monster Hunter and Dark Souls.

We got the chance to try a little bit of Deep Down at Tokyo Game Show, where we found it looked pretty, but felt kind of “clunky.” Check out our preview for more of our thoughts.

Source: Capcom Online Games via YouTube

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