Deep Silver Releases First In-Game Teaser for Dead Island


Dead Island‘s Banoi is a great place to relax, if your idea of relaxing is getting eaten by zombies.

Dead Island made a huge splash with its first trailer, a powerful sequence featuring a father fighting to protect his daughter during a zombie outbreak. The only problem was that it didn’t include any gameplay, or even anything players would actually encounter in the game. Publisher Deep Silver has now decided to give us an in-game look at the “game” portion of Dead Island with its latest teaser series.

The first teaser is titled “Tragedy Hits Paradise” and introduces the tropical vacation island of Banoi where tourists go to forget their troubles and relax on the beach with a drink served inside of a pineapple. Nowhere in the island’s brochure was any mention that visitors would have to defend themselves from getting gnawed on by zombies.

Banoi is definitely beautiful, featuring scenic waterfalls, lush forests, and mountainous views. Since this is said to be in-game footage, we can at least expect Dead Island‘s environments to look nice. There isn’t a lot of gameplay footage here, but it’s something. We know that at some point, a woman in a bikini will run away from flaming zombies that will both eat and burn you to death.

Deep Silver says Dead Island will feature a heavy focus on melee combat utilizing whatever weaponry players can find. It’ll also allow up to four players to join forces in co-op. This teaser is the first part of a series, so perhaps parts two and onward will focus on more of the zombie-killing gameplay.

Dead Island is expected on the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 in August 2011.

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