Deep Sleeper #1 Sold Out From Publisher And Diamond

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Oni Press has announced that the first issue of the new Phil Hester (GREEN ARROW) and Mike Huddleston (HARLEY QUINN) comics series, DEEP SLEEPER, has sold its entire initial print run to retailers before the series official debut on Wednesday, February 11. The creepy tale that blends fiction, dreams, and reality into a unique comic reading experience is the first collaboration of the pair since 2001’s hit THE COFFIN and is scheduled to go back to press immediately.

image“DEEP SLEEPER has been a long time coming,” said Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack. “Phil and Mike knew it was going to be their next project together shortly after THE COFFIN ended but both had other opportunities arise that meant postponing the book. I think the extra time let people forget just how much they enjoyed the freshman effort by this team, but as the release date drew closer excitement started to mount and both fans and retailers started to remember just how special a pair Phil and Mike are. Based on the information we had, we thought we’d anticipated demand. Obviously, we didn’t. Now we’re facing a sellout before it even hit stands.”

“We all had high hopes for DEEP SLEEPER,” commented senior editor James Lucas Jones. “As good as the THE COFFIN is, Phil and Mike have both had a couple years to hone their craft and grow as writer and artist. Plus, they have four issues under their belt in which they’ve gelled and learned to compliment each other even more.”

“And people have taken notice,” added editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. “The first issue received a positive review in COMICS BUYER’S GUIDE, was recently given a 10/10 by THE FOURTH RAIL’s Randy Lander, and has been featured twice in WIZARD, most recently in this month’s two-page ‘Secret Stash’ column.”

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“A sellout is always a bit of a mixed blessing,” Nozemack concluded. “It’s extremely gratifying to know that the fans are as enthusiastic as you are, but a little heart-breaking when some people who really want the book can’t find a copy to read. Having the demand to go back for a second printing is really the best of both worlds. We get the excitement of demand that outstrips our expectations, but still get to make sure every fan that wants a copy gets one.”
DEEP SLEEPER #1 (of 4) is a 32-page comic with no ads that retails for $3.50. While it is sold out at the distributor level, copies should still be available at finer comic stores everywhere on its release date, Wednesday, February 11. The issue is being rushed back to press for a second printing that features a different cover colors by Huddleston and is tentatively scheduled to be available on February 25th. Retailers can order it from Diamond with the order code DEC035280. Fans wanting a special preview of the issue can visit the DEEP SLEEPER section of which features a nine-page excerpt from the upcoming release.

Oni Press would also like to remind both fans and retailers that orders for DEEP SLEEPER #2 (of 4) [Diamond Order Code: JAN04 2615] can still be placed up until March 8th.

Deep Sleeper is ? & © 2004 Phil Hester & Mike Huddleston. Oni Press logo and icon are ? & © 2004 Oni Press, Inc. All rights reserved. Oni Press logo and icon artwork created by Dave Gibbons.

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