Delays in Store for Alpha Protocol?


Online retailers have cast doubt over whether or not Obisidian’s Alpha Protocol will meet its imminent release date.

When not dilligently working on sequels to Bioware games, Obsidian has been toiling away on Alpha Protocol, an espionage themed RPG, scheduled to be released on October 6th.

But online listings from GameStop and both list that the game will be release in June next year.

Alpha Protocol’s publisher Sega has yet to make any kind of statement regarding the game, so it is unclear whether or not the game has actually been delayed. It’s worth mentioning however, that the game has been delayed once already and that a recently leaked internal Sega document had some very scathing things to say abut the game.

With just over a week remaining until the game’s release, any announcment is going to be incredibly last minute, so we’ll keep our eyes open and let you know if anything appears.

Source: 1up

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