Silicon Knights could be making a sequel to ambitious but poorly-received Norse “epic” Too Human, if Denis Dyack has his way.

Once upon a time, Too Human was one of the most anticipated games ever for some gamers. It was originally planned as the first installment in a three-part epic saga, and hyped to infinity and beyond by Dyack, who had won gamers’ favor with the excellent Eternal Darkness.

Unfortunately, when it came out, gamers realized that Too Human wasn’t very good. In fact, our very own Yahtzee listed it as his least favorite game of all time in a Reddit Q&A.

That doesn’t mean that Dyack and Silicon Knights need to just throw their hands up in the air and give up, of course. Speaking with IndustryGamers, Dyack said that the trilogy was still on: “We intend to finish the trilogy but no comment beyond that… You know, there’s very public litigation around that.”

The public litigation referred to is the legal battle Silicon Knights and Epic Games, with the former alleging that the latter offered inadequate support – and incomplete code – for the Unreal Engine. Instead, alleges Silicon Knights, Epic concentrated on its own titles like Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, while the Too Human team was forced to finish the engine itself.

For its part, Epic says that it believes that its actions will be “fully vindicated” by the court.

Too Human may have been wretched, but there’s nothing that says a sequel can’t be a drastic improvement, right?



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