“I don’t think it will be next year, but in three to five years it will become dominant on the market,” said SCEE president David Reeves, on the subject of the PlayStation 3.

Speaking to, Reeves likened the eventual success of his current company’s monolithic console to a classic children’s fable.

“The legacy will be that people will see a tortoise and hare situation,” Reeves said. “In a way, in the end it will be a dead heat. People will say PS3 took a while to get going but it really caught up very quickly and confounded many of the critics from the first year.”

Reeves officially retires from Sony’s European division as of tomorrow, but based on the console’s upcoming lineup, he says he is “very, very optimistic for what I see for PlayStation’s future in the PAL territories.”

Of course, Sony’s execs are notorious for their hyper-positive public statements, regardless of the company’s actual success.

Reeves’ latest pro-PS3 comments are quite cleverly phrased given the time frame. Even if his prognostication does not come true, people will have completely forgot he said anything like this within 3 years.

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