Destinception? Players Find Destiny Mission Inside Destiny Mission


Destiny players found a secret quest inside a daily heroic mission, complete with its own exotic reward.

Video games have contained secrets and Easter Eggs from the very beginning, ranging from >Atari’s hidden developer messages to Shovel Knight‘s “Butt Mode”. And now that Destiny‘s Taken King expansion is out, we can tell Bungie likes sneaking in some of its own. While playing the daily heroic story mission “Lost to Light”, you can stumble across a bonus in-game quest with a unique weapon reward. That’s right: A Destiny mission inside a Destiny mission.

To access the mission, blaze through “Lost of Light” as quickly as possible, until you reach a door requiring three relics to open. Go past that door and turn to where you’d normally find the Fallen ketch in “The Shadow Thief”. If you’re quick enough, and didn’t have to restart, your Ghost finds a Fallen transmission and the quest begins. According to Destiny players posting on Reddit, this secret quest can only be accessed as a daily mission – the regular story mode assumes you just missed the transmission.

Now comes the hard part – you have ten minutes to clear out an entire Fallen ketch. Running out of time doesn’t just end the mission, it boots you back into space where you’ll have to start again. But if you win? You’ll get the Black Spindle, an exotic sniper rifle that regenerates ammo upon making three precision shots.

Since this is a daily mission, Destiny players won’t have long to complete the extra quest – although presumably it will reactivate when “Lost to Light” comes round on the schedule again. That being said, I’d recommend you bring a few friends, or else the mission difficulty will keep you from the Black Spindle until next time.

Source: YouTube, via Kotaku

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